Phillip Tabb is Professor of Architecture at Texas A&M University where he

served as Head of the Department from 2001-2005, and was Director of the School

of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University from

1998-2001. In the late 1960.s he worked for Walter Netsch at SOM in Chicago

and was exposed to his Field Theory. He worked with Keith Critchlow and taught

sacred drawing in the Kairos School of Sacred Architecture (1986-1987), at Dar

al Islam in Abiquiu, New Mexico (1988-1989), and at Naropa Institute, Boulder

(1996). McGraw-Hill published his book, Solar Energy Planning, in 1984.

Since 2001, Dr. Tabb is the masterplan architect for Serenbe Community - a sacred and

sustainable community being realized near Atlanta, Georgia.

In this interview with Lowell Mick White and Gabrielle Royal, we discuss the first annual "Beat Poetry Fest" in Bryan, Texas.

Lowell Mick White is a professor at A&M teaching creative writing, and the author of two books: That Demon Life and Long Time Ago Good.

Gabrielle is a Senior, English major/Africana Studies minor at Texas A&M. She also works as a poetry screener for Callaloo, a journal of African Diaspora Arts and Letters, and is the Chair of the MSC Carter G. Woodson Black Awareness Committee on campus (the first black organization established at A&M in 1969).

Listen up and dig the beat, baby! 

Dan Alder has accumulated a decade of reporting from Central America and Mexico since 1987, and beginning in 1989 for six years, he was the United Press International's Bureau Chief in El Salvador. More recently , he served as National Editor for the San Antonio Express-News in Texas, an then worked as a communications consultant based in Honduras.

Most recently, he worked with the Patricia Fleming Foundation as an embedded journalist documenting their work in Haiti, and producing this documentary.

We talk to Dan about his life and work, and this important documentary "Haiti's Other Epidemic: Violence Against Women and Girls".

Qwo-Li Driskill is a Cherokee Two-Spirit/Queer writer, scholar, educator, activist, and performer also of African, Irish, Lenape, Lumbee, and Osage ascent. Hir artistic and scholarly work appears in numerous publications, and s/he performs and facilitates workshops at events across the U.S. Qwo-Li holds a PhD in Rhetoric & Writing, and is currently an assistant professor in the Department of English at Texas A&M University.


In this interview with Qwo-Li we discuss hir participation in the film "Heart Breaks Open" a feature film about queer life, public health and community accountability.

What is the state of maternal and child care in developing countries? Tune in to listen to Jennifer Braun executive  director of the NGO, International Midwife Assistance. We will be speaking to her about the state of maternal and child care in the United States and in other developing countries. She will also be speaking to us about the work of midwives and about the important work her organization does.

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In this interview, we speak to 21 year old Amelia Mayer, a native of Brazos Valley, who visited and worked in Uganda this summer. She fell in love with the people and the place, but has returned to the States for her family.

She shares with us the stories of her experience, the reasons she fell in love with the culture, and her perspective on the differences between the youth in Uganda and her peers here in the States.

Find out why she is eagerly awaiting her chance to return to work and live in Uganda!

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Dr. Nadia Flores, now a professor in the Texas A&M Sociology Dept. was herself an undocumented immigrant when she first came to the United States. She now teaches and researches migration patterns between the U.S. and Mexico, and the issues that affect those patterns.

Dr. Flores states that her research has "evolved in four realms which deal mostly with the attempt to develop further the concept of social capital in the area of international migration".

In this interview, we talk to her not only about her research, but also her personal immigration and education story, and we also discuss Mexican cultures and traditions, specifically Mexican retablos.

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Women in Jazz Association, Inc. was founded by Pamela and Kevin Hart to provide Women in Jazz Concert Series and Vocal Performance Workshops for performance opportunities and experiences of professional and amateur jazz vocalists in the Austin metropolitan area. Women in Jazz Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Austin, Texas, "the live music capital of the world," can boast of very little live music that includes jazz vocals. Since the venues in Austin that consistently provide jazz music book vocalists much less than other musicians, jazz vocalists create their own entertainment venues in Austin.  Women in Jazz Concert Series is the outgrowth of the need for a performance venue for women jazz vocalists.

Enjoy this wonderful interview and check out their schedule and activities at :


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Who is Juanita Guccione? Tune into this interveiw to find out!

In this interview, we speak with Julie Praetzel who is currently making a documentary titled "She had many faces: The life and work of Juanita Guccione". She will be speaking to us about this documentary and her experiences as a young woman in the film making industry. 

Also, Julie's site to learn about Juanita Guccione and how you can help with this documentary:

How can media help with reducing conflict and enabling peace? Listen to Vladimir Bratic a professor at Hollins University talk about the role of media in peace and conflict. Sit back and listen to this fascinating interview produced by Vandy.

Also, visit his blog: and email him at for any questions you might have!
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